Firefly Universe ‘Expanded’

Okay, this world scenario is a bit different…
The concept is Firefly meets Star Wars, now stop laughing and think about it.
Alliance = Empire,
Rebels = Independents
Jedi = Readers (e.g. River)

Major differences:

This is the Firefly universe. The closer you go to the core worlds, the more the Alliance control will dictate your rules. The closer you are to the fringe, the more independent action you will have. In essence, the close you are to the core, the more ‘Star Wars’ the universe is, the further away, the more ‘Firefly’ the universe is.

The whole galaxy is not explored. The core worlds are at about 5,000 LY across (called the Alliance or Core worlds), Then there is about another 5,000 LY of ‘protectorate’ worlds, another 5,000 LY of ‘Frontier Worlds’, then about another 5,000 LY out gives the edge of ‘known’ space (so called ‘fringe worlds’ and after that it’s pure unknown. These distances are not concrete and can fluctuate as a frontier world becomes a protectorate.

Alliance worlds are defined and set in stone. I’m setting the (highly flexible) number of core worlds at 80, protectorate worlds at 300, Frontier at 1,000 and edge world at ‘no one has any idea’

An Alliance world is an Earth-That-Was with about 2-10 billion people. People are wealthy and have few wants. -Your basic North American/European country (but more big brother/sheeple oriented). Who you are and what you do are strictly controlled. Alliance control is absolute. Enter at own risk.

A Protectorate world is like a second world country 2-500 million people with maybe agriculture, maybe mining as the main reason people live there. Think East Germany in the cold war or India from the British 1800s. The people are second class citizens, but still entitled to the ‘casts off’ of the core worlds technology and protection. Alliance law is technically the law of the land, but enforcement is often left up to the local magistrates. You’ll be around these worlds often.

A frontier world is like the US Wild west, still being explored, but people are established there in colonies. Might be 10,000 people there might be a few million people, might be more, might be less. Each world has its own unique character. The alliance occasionally spends some time out here ‘pushing their ways’ on folks, but it is the exception, not the rule. Expect much of your time to be spent out here

Fringe worlds are not just worlds were there’s only a few families, but there also worlds that have up to millions of people, but have almost no ties to the alliance. Strange and Savage lands. Enter at own risk.

The theory is, as worlds become more ‘civilized’, they will move up the chain and eventually become a ‘core’ world with all its benefits. –This is actually written into the ‘Pax Foederis’ Charter As is becoming more and more obvious, few worlds will ever receive Core world benefits, but many will receive Protectorate World tax rates…

History of the Browncoats
About 40 years ago the alliance started what was called the ‘Uplift Annexation’. About 300 frontier worlds were designated to become Protectorates Worlds. In theory, this would have raised the economic and social status of these worlds and brought great wealth through trade concessions, technology transfers, etc. (It seemed strange to many that no protectorate world met the conditions of becoming a ‘core’ world, but the nay sayers were out voted or out shouted.)
The absorption was not simultaneously, but over the course of several years, done in blocks of about 20 worlds, with the most populace/profitable worlds done first. About 5 years after the first worlds were welcomed in to ‘cloak of civilization’ came the ‘expansion tax’. This tax applied to the worlds being annexed. While initially these taxes were quite small it was discovered that there were far greater taxes coming. Far from provide economic benefits it was suddenly realized that these taxes would have caused extreme economic turmoil bankrupting and/or economically enslaving about ½ the worlds in question. Faced with the truth of the expected taxes, The Alliance put this down to annexed worlds needing to meet ‘their fair share’ of the annexation cost. Many of the worlds that were to be annexed balked and chose to exercise their exit clause. A number of the worlds that had already been annexed tried the same.
… Then came the ‘Law Reimbursement Act’. And Far from being voluntary, now the annexation was ‘required of all worlds that had the protection of Alliance law’ (e.g. The frontier worlds and few protectorate worlds). –Whether they wanted it or not. That ‘unsettled’ a bunch of folks. A few worlds tried to back out. At first, Alliance tried a PR campaign. The world ZZZ was even fully annexed as a new core world. However, this did nothing to help the worlds that were to be bankrupted by the ruinous taxes about to be imposed them. Many worlds demanded that the taxes be removed and written as such into the alliance constitution. ‘No taxation without representation’ (note: protectorate worlds do not have more than a token vote in the Alliance republic).

When negotiations broke down The Alliance brought in cruisers as show of force, but it was clear to all that it was just ‘Saber rattling’ (indeed the operation was even called ‘Operation Sabre Rattle’). The alliance wanted these worlds to join them, not destroy them. Then, About 33 years ago the first ‘incident’ happened in the system XXX no one knows who fired the first shot or even if a shot was even fired. All that is known is that the cruiser ‘Harbringer’ was lost with all hands. Radio communications claims they were under attack but no other ships were known to be in the area. Separatists were blamed and the alliance began hunting ‘Terrorist Cells’. XXX is an area that included an extremely rich mining colony. At first only XXX was involved, so no one cared much. But then it became apparent that Hawks in the Alliance were using this as an excuse to find and squash any dissenters to the Annexation and bad blood began to form. For 5 years the Alliance searched out ‘Terrorist cells’ in a brutal crackdown.

About 25 years ago the fighting began in earnest. When It started only a few worlds that had been outspoken about being forced to join the annexation were involved but every year a few more and more worlds decided that joining the alliance wasn’t in their best interest and began pulling away politically. Finally about 12 worlds that had been annexed demanded to be taken off protectorate status. Alliance soldiers were rounded up (peacefully even, on one world they were given a parade…) and sent back to the core worlds.
The alliance did not take this insult lightly. The Alliance decided to bring its full Naval might into play and ‘quarantined’ these worlds. It was later discovered that because of this embargo two worlds starved to death and one world suffocated because they could not get parts for their atmospheric scrubbers. The alliance tried to cover this up, but word got out anyways thanks to a few brave men and women who broke through the blockade. When the signal got out the alliance tried to distance itself from ‘YYY’ the butcher (It’s believed his execution was faked). But the PR damage was done.

The brutality of how the Alliance put down the ‘rebellion’ caused an underground movement and about 23 years ago about ½ the protectorate worlds went into full rebellion knowing that the alliance couldn’t embargo them all. This is usually deemed the start of the war of independence. They were right they could all be blockaded, but didn’t take into consideration how much bigger and technologically superior the Alliance Navy really was. As the alliance was the winner, and they write the history. Other than ‘I was there’ stories, the alliance determines how the war was fought and written. The full uprising war lasted about 15 years total, but many fought for about 5 years prior, and about 5 years after before the surrender was official. Some still fight today.

Other Differences
Alien races are known to have existed, but only in abandoned/destroyed/unexplained worlds. (that are usually immediately placed off limits by the alliance…) No ‘True’ aliens are known to walk among us (but there is much suspicion…). Many humans have been mutated over the years so they will actually look more alien than many alien pictures left behind. Some humans actually took Genetic Modifications from Alien DNA (to help them settle ‘psuedo terraformed ’ worlds) so they are now a different species all together. (so if you want to be an alien, let me know, we’ll work something out)

The Alliance (and humans) are the only known race to have space travel and use it to colonize other worlds. Other Alien races are known have invented spaced travel, but they apparently while they traveled to other worlds they never used it to colonize other worlds. –That we know of it. There are known races that have existed, ancient crumbling empires, but nobody knows anything about them. (Except the Alliance and they ain’t tellin…)

Jedi (AKA ‘Readers’ ) exist but are rare. Of the known ‘strong’ readers the alliance controls the vast majority of them and is ‘suspected but not proved’ to kidnap potential readers. (A suspicion occurs that readers are incapable of being created in the core worlds, but can only come about are produced in the outer worlds. –No one knows why.) Wildling readers are known to exist. Readers are usually treated with mixture of awe, fear and superstition (even on the core worlds). Oddly enough the Frontier worlds are where Readers are usually the most welcome due to the Fringe mentality of ‘folk are folk and should be treated as such’. –Don’t worry about light side/dark side. Or ‘finding your calm’ versus ‘feeding your hatred’. That doesn’t exist either.

There is no Jedi/Sith enmity per se. The sith are basically reavers. And everyone hates reavers. Reavers have existed for a long long time. How they came about is now pure fodder for conspiracy theorists. –No you can’t play a reaver. Don’t even ask.

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